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See how Artificial Intelligence can radically simplify and improve the speed and quality of contact tracing and temperature screening, all in a completely non-contact, safe distancing way.

The world has changed forever. In this new post-pandemic era, every organisation, educational institution and public attraction has an even greater duty of care. Social distancing, hand sanitizers, face masks and other precautions are the new normal.

For many organisations, particularly schools, boarding houses, universities and colleges, the greatest challenges will be when people start returning.

New methodologies, tools and instruments need to be implemented rapidly and effectively.

The value of regular, frequent temperature checking has been proven to be a valuable first line of defence in the rapid detection of virus symptoms. The challenge facing organisations is how to roll out reliable, contactless testing stations without adding significant delays and inconvenience to people flow, or cost burdens in staff time, and administration overhead.

Ed-Check Explained

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Introducing the EdCheck Autonomous Testing Stations. The EdCheck Autonomous Testing Stations are non-contact, intelligent Infrared Body temperature sensing instruments that utilises the latest cutting edge technology.

  • Features of the testing stations include:
  • powerful, high definition imaging engine
  • state of the art AI driven face detection for rapid auto-lock on test subjects
  • Non contact, long range Infrared temperature sensor
  • fast and accurate display of acquired temperature readings and status
  • Real-time voice feedback on body measurements - “temperature is normal”, “temperature is abnormal” etc
  • Optional face-mask detection with reminders “remember to wear your face mask”
  • Automatic Gate Control - access can be granted or blocked automatically when deployed in conjunction with automatic access gates.
  • Optional digital alerts mechanism to automatically notify designated monitoring staff of abnormal readings
  • Automatic wake up when person is detected within sensing proximity
  • ZERO Setup required – ready to deploy “as is”

Temperature is normal
Temperature is abnormal

  • Benefits:
  • The EdCheck autonomous testing station provides a wide range of benefits including:
  • Reducing the need for close contact / manual temperature measurements and thereby decreasing the risk of cross infection
  • Simple wall or stand mounting of the units ensures they can be deployed at entry / exit points to school dormitories or ticketing stations for public attractions. The testing station fully supports access / gate control for optional gated entry to specific areas, that can be automatically restricted / granted based on acceptable temperature readings.
  • Real time, rapid flow and crowd control
  • Simple, frequent health checks can be encouraged as part of daily work / school practices with minimum impact
  • Anonymous –personal data protection and privacy can be assured*
  • *Optional user identification can be setup and deployed based on specific use-cases and based on mutual agreement and cooperation of an organisation and end user acceptance.

  • ATS devices featured in the news:

    The EdCheck ecosystem is underpinned by the EdCheck Device Management Platform (DMP). The EdCheck DMP allows an organisation to quickly and effectively manage any number of EdCheck Autonomous Testing Stations (ATS).

    The DMP can be deployed on premises on an organisations VM, or can cloud based. The DMP allows an organisation to set sophisticated workflows, access rules, visitor lists, and targeted alerts tailored to their specific requirements.

    Advanced reports and analytics are also available.

    The ATS units and DMP also includes a secure, private, configurable digital alerts system. Key medical / security staff can be alerted in real time if a user presents with a fever.

    Most importantly, the EdCheck Autonomous Testing Station can be deployed with a minimum of fuss, zero setup, and is available TODAY.

    Shipping to most locations is available within 2 to 3 days of placing an order (subject to volume numbers)

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