Autonomous Testing Station 2

Facial Recognition
Fever Detection
Mask Detection
Single Person Detection
Voice Prompt
Integration with Contact Tracing Systems
Multi Language Support
Wifi Support
NFC reader
Touch Screen

The new ATS2 Autonomous Testing Station includes an industry standard Near Field Communications Chip Reader, greatly simplifying the process of identifying users prior to testing their temperature.

The ATS2 unit combines the power of real-time contactless temperature testing with a smart card /Chip reader to quickly verify the identity of a user.

Expanded identification applications

  • The ATS2 greatly expands the applications for Autonomous Testing of Temperature.
  • Many organisations make use of NFC smart cards / chips to validate membership or identify the user.
  • Examples include Gym Memberships, School Cohorts, Warehouse Staff and more.

Integration with existing system architecture

  • Specialist Apps is able to provide integration with membership databases, school management systems and most industry standard ID databases.
  • Real time user retrieval can be combined with access and gate controls to provide a seamless access control system.

Comprehensive Data

Automated logging of temperature readings, real time alerts and notifications of abnormal temperatures, contact tracing and access audit trails are features of the ATS2.

Full customisation for your organisation

  • Additional software and features can also be implemented via Android functionality
  • Custom user interface tailor made for your organisation

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