Autonomous Testing Station 3

Touch Screen
Duel Screen
Ethernet Support
Wifi Support
Facial Recognition
Integration with Contact Tracing Systems
Fever Detection
Mask Detection
Single Person Detection
Multi Language Support
NRIC Compatible ID Scanner

The ATS3 is a tailor made screening and check-in desk terminal assisting organisations with automated temperature screening and visitor check-in / check-out, allowing effective and efficient management of visitor numbers. It provides automatic integration with optional bar code scanner for scanning ID cards for automatic entry of NRIC / FIN Ids.

ATS3 Key Features

  • Completely contactless log-in and temperature screening
  • Dual screen terminal ideal for reception counters / office entrance areas to facilitate rapid screening, logging and automated SafeEntry check-in
  • Examples of effective application include retirement homes, bars, cafes, restaurants
  • Allows for rapid and accurate contact tracing by collecting visitor details and securely storing them in the DMP.

Contact Tracing Using
Natural Language Processing

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