Device Management Platform

In times of crisis, it is essential to have access to reliable data quickly and effectively.

The EdCheck Device Management Platform DMP1.0 provides rapid access to, and management of Contact Tracing and Temperature Screening Data collected by any number of Autonomous Testing Stations deployed across an organisation. The EdCheck DMP streamlines the rapid tracking and contacting of visitors in the case of any incidents at their organisation.

The value of regular, frequent temperature checking has been proven to be a valuable first line of defence in the rapid detection of virus symptoms. The challenge facing organisations is how to roll out reliable, contactless testing stations without adding significant delays and inconvenience to people flow, or cost burdens in staff time, and administration overhead.

The EdCheck DMP allows for the seamless and secure management of any sized fleet of EdCheck Autonomous Testing Stations. New units or replacement units can be “hot swapped” in an instant.

Using the Device Profile generated by the EdCheck DMP, ATS units automatically configure themselves with the required Access Rules, Visitor Lists, Access Keys and reporting rules designated for that specific location.

The EdCheck DMP generates real time email alerts and push notifications to nominated users and health monitors based on temperature screening results, access rule exceptions and designated workflows.

The EdCheck DMP offers private and secure management of Access Logs and Event Lists from all Access Control and Autonomous Testing devices in a fleet in one convenient, central location. The DMP also provides a wide range of filters and data exporting tools to quickly slot in to any organisations auditing and registrations systems.

The EdCheck DMP centrally manages the distribution of Visitor Lists, Access Profiles, Access Keys, and User Roles. Visitor profiles including NFC profile data and user images for Facial Recognition are securely and automatically distributed to ATS units via the EdCheck DMP.

The EdCheck DMP provides a simple Visitor List import process via CSV, or more sophisticated real time data connectors to a wide range of User Management Platforms and School Management Systems. The EdCheck DMP and ATS units also support live integration with the SafeEntry in Singapore and can be quickly configured to support other centrally managed Government Tracking and Reporting Portals

The EdCheck DMP fully supports the growing number of EdCheck Testing Stations and Access Control Units, including ATS2, ATS3, and ACS1 devices. The EdCheck DMP provides real time monitoring of each devices “heartbeats” to provide administrators with an immediate health check of an organisations devices.

The EdCheck DMP is available as an App for Android, iOS and via a Secure Web Interface for any HTML5 compatible Web Browser.

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